Setup process

Basic Setup

Now that you have invited the bot in your server, it is now time to set it up. If the bot provides an error then view the FAQ. You can do a basic setup to get the bot running by doing the following commands:
  • /config roles add role:
After the role: part, you type out the name of the role that you wish to be the role that users obtain upon completion of the captcha (See image above).
If you want the bot to remove the verified role then you can run /config action set:Remove.
  • /config verification_channel set channel:
After the channel: part, you type out the name of the channel that you wish the bot to send messages to in the case that a user has their DMs closed or you can think of it as a lobby where people wait to get into the server (See Image Below).

Basic Troubleshooting

To go ahead and get it out of the way, if you are not seeing the slash commands pop up then please assure the following things are true:
  • Your discord client is updated to the latest version
  • Your settings allow slash commands to be shown (See Image Below)
If you ever leave the support server and need an invite, you can use this link or the /support command in your Discord server.
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Basic Setup
Basic Troubleshooting