Server Analytics

Server analytics provide insights into how users are interacting with in your server. It's a great tool for providing help to users who are stuck verifying, having fewer logs in your server, or for comparing data week to week.

Who can view a servers analytics?

Currently only server administrators can view server analytics. In the future we will provide the option to let certain roles access analytics. You can get a link to your servers analytics by visiting our dashboard or running /analytics.

Analytic Types provides analytics on quite a few events and interactions with the bot. These include but are not limited to:

  • Captcha

    • Sent

    • Invalidated

    • Attempt submitted

    • Attempt failed

    • Completed

  • User

    • Joined the server

    • Left the server

  • Time limit reached

  • "Why" button clicked on button panel

Viewing more details

Some events which the bot tracks will contain additional data for you to view. Including but not limited to:

  • Captcha attempt failed

  • Captcha sent

  • Captcha invalidated

  • Command ran

To view any additional details on an analytic event you can click the row or the "View details" button. This will bring up a menu where you can view more specific data. To exit just click the X on the top right.


Since Server Analytics are in beta the search feature is quite limited. You can search by user id: user:12313213 or by username: username:Imdark


You can export your server's analytics every hour. Please be patient as it can take a few seconds or minutes to gather all your data and convert it to a CSV for download.

Opting out of server analytics/Our security practices

We use industry standard encryption & security practices on our servers and data. Data is only stored for up to 30 days (for most servers: 7 days).

As a user you can opt out being shown in server analytics by emailing View our privacy policy.

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