Anti-Phishing can monitor for and delete messages in your server which contain phishing links. This will prevent users in your server from being hacked & have their account stolen.

Anti-phishing is enabled by default in all servers the bot has the Manage Messages permission.

  • NSFW Discord invites

  • Steam phishing links

  • Discord account phishing links

  • Certain URL shorteners

  • Other phishing links

Additional Actions

Optionally you can configure to apply an additional action on the user if deleting the message isn't sufficient enough. provides three additional options:

  • Timeout (for a period of time)

  • Kick

  • Ban

You can setup an additional action on the dashboard.

Phishing Logs

Don't trust's judgement? Configure a logs channel on the dashboard and will send a log every time it takes action on a message and user.

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