Captcha.bot has not been hacked and is 100% safe. We only use https://captcha.bot, not any other website. Nor do we ask for any sort of crypto or nft logins. More info

Here are some common questions we receive! Please read them all before asking for help in our server!

What kinds of servers can use Captcha.bot?

All communities are welcome to use Captcha.bot as long as they follow Discord's TOS. Captcha.bot's goal is to make every server on Discord more secure and safe.

Please note that if you are a large server you may be subject to automatic and temporary (up to 24 hours) blacklisting if your server causes extreme load (e.g. hundreds of users trying to verify a second or heavy spam in a short period) on the bot. If you suspect you've been blacklisted then please reach out in our server so we can work with you and discuss options.

How do I setup the bot?

A tutorial can be found here.

My server does not appear on the dashboard.

If you cannot access your servers dashboard then you need to send a message in the server (in a channel the bot can read messages!) You may also need to logout and login to the dashboard again.

I get "Invalid form body" or another error when clicking buttons or running commands

You're probably using Discord on Android. Update your app or buy an iPhone.

How do I setup a panel or button?

A tutorial can be found here.

I can't select a role or channel on the dashboard because they're striked out!


Make sure the bot has the following permissions:

  • Send messages

  • View channel

  • Embed links


Make sure the bot has the Manage Roles permission and is ABOVE the role's you want to select.

The bot isn't giving or removing roles! How do I fix this?

The bot needs to have the Manage Roles permission and to be above the role it needs to assign. If these are both true then move a role up, save, move it back down, and save because your roles got desynced.

Does the bot block alt accounts or look for VPNS?

The bot does look for VPNS and proxies though it is not very reliable. The bot does not focus on alt accounts, rather it focuses on preventing mass raids and spam.

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